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October 6, 2017

Freycinet National Park

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Freycinet National Park 

프레이시넷 국립공원 타즈마니아

Freycinet Lodge is located inside the national park. The spa suite was very clean, comfortable and warm. You can’t beat the location. The room cost around $300 to $400 a night depending on the season, buffet breakfast is included. If you have a RACT card, you can get 25% discount. 2nights and 3days were enough to do most tracks and a day trip to the bay of fires.

View from the balcony

Wine glass bay look out walk start from 5minutes drive from the lodge. You have to be fairly fit to do this track. It can be dangerous on a wet day as the track can get quite slippery. WINE GLASS BAY 와인글라스 베이


You can walk to Honeymoon Bay from the lodge. It’s an easy walk. you don’t have to be fit. anyone can enjoy the view.


Cape Tourville 케이프 투어빌

Cape Tourville is an easy boarded walk. Even if you have a bad knee or two, you can still enjoy the stunning scenery. It can get really windy though.



There are plenty of stair cases involved to get to the Sleepy Bay but it is beautiful. A lot of uniquely shaped rocks to enjoy. Does it look like a giant foot to you?

There is a place called Marine Farm near the national park. If you like to eat fresh seafood, try the place. Abalone sashimi($20) and fresh oysters($22 a dozen) were full of flavour and very fresh. They offer some cooked seafood dishes as well.



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